Driven by German Design, Doha, Qatar

As a highlight of the Qatar Germany 2017 Year of Culture, a mutual exchange of arts, culture, science and sport between the two countries, Qatar Museum opened the “Driven by German Design” show, which celebrates the evolution and achievements of German Design. The exhibition, running at Qatar Museums Gallery ALRIWAQ in Doha from 3 October 2017 – 14 January 2018, brings together for the first time different design disciplines including architecture, graphic design, product design, automotive design, fashion and furniture design. It offers visitors a range of insights into both the artistic value of developments in design and their cultural significance by showcasing design concepts and works created in Germany or developed by German designers since 1945. The show embodies the ambitious vision of its curator Martin Roth.

A series of prototypes of the MYTO cantilever chair, designed by Konstantin Grcic makes part of the exhibition.

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