Bernhardt Design + PLANK exclusive distributor for PLANK's products in US and Canada.

Jerry Helling, President of Bernhardt Design and Michael Plank, CEO of Plank are pleased to announce the formation of Bernhardt Design + Plank in North America.

Bernhardt Design + Plank is a long-term partnership between two design focused family owned companies, one in America, the other in Italy, each with an aesthetic and heritage all their own. They share common values in the most important areas: the pursuit of quality, a deep appreciation for the value of design, and a commitment to innovation. Both brands have adapted to an ever-changing market through partnerships with the best designers of this era.

Bernhardt Design + Plank is the exclusive distributor for Plank’s award-winning products in US and Canada.

An extensive Fast Track program offers two-week shipment on a wide array of seating and tables. In addition to products for interior spaces, Bernhardt Design + Plank features a broad collection of outdoor furniture.

If you are located in US or Canada, please visit:

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