The MONZA armchair is a popular choice for seminar and conference rooms because of its elegant ergonomic design and the possibility to stack the chairs when not in use. Especially for this scenario, its designer Konstantin Grcic together with Plank also developed a simple product for connecting the chairs in rows while simultaneously providing convenient storage.

The connector slots into the gap between the seats and grips the cylindrical legs to ensure even spacing between the chairs without requiring any permanent fixings. Its recessed central section provides space for pens, notepads or other personal items and enables the trays to be stacked to make them easier to store.

The linking device is made from thermoformed ABS plastic. It is available in black as a standard optional accessory to accompany the chairs.

For a special one-off project, Plank adapted the connectors so seats could be fixed in a circular formation, demonstrating the company’s dedication to fulfilling customers’ specific requirements.

The product offers a low-tech and visually unobtrusive solution to a common problem in the contract sector, which enhances the practicality and versatility of the MONZA armchair.

Download the updated MONZA armchair brochure here.