The minimal and elegant square-topped MIURA table by Konstantin Grcic provides a sophisticated solution for spaces requiring a flexible furniture system that can be rearranged easily. Chairs or stools can be positioned around single tables or placed along the edges of tables connected in rows of any length for more formal events.

The MIURA table features a tripod base that helps the top to remain steady, even on irregular floors. This makes it suitable for use indoors or outdoors on a variety of different surfaces. From dinner on the terrace at home to important meetings at the office, the possibility to use single or multiple tables means parties of any size can be accommodated.

Plank recently provided MIURA tables for the press room of the President of the provincial government of South Tyrol, where the company is based. The tables are regularly arranged in rows and Plank was able to source a discreet mechanism that fixes the table tops together. The device also ensures the tops are level and at an even height, resulting in a single seamless surface.

The MIURA table’s other practical qualities include its folding top, which can be flipped up to make storage easier. Its powder-coated metal base supports a surface made from metal, MDF or HPL, which is available in a range of shapes and sizes, but for scenarios where adaptability is vital, the square-topped version offers an optimal solution.