On the occasion of the presentation of MYTO at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano in 2008, creative agency Meirè & Meirè, who since over 30 years is part of a high profile environment of design, branding and culture, establishing itself internationally in Editorial Design, had been commissioned, with the documentary implantation of the project.

Mike Meirè, Art Director, about the initiation of the 80 page publication about MYTO: “When you observe Konstantin Grcic at work in his studio, transforming raw industrial materials into elegant prototypes, the vicinity of a sculptural process becomes evident. At the same time one cannot avoid, to discover certain pop and fashion codes! Observed that way, his designs are reflecting the hybrid in our time. MYTO marks this moment and continues thereby the tradition of the cantilever classics by Breuer, van der Rohe and Panton in a highly charismatic way. And this attitude is documented in our publication. Esthetics derives from visual steps of three processes which are bound to each other. The tracks of the creative finding, the critical and analytical moments of the technical practicality and the impressions of an hybrid reality. The interplay between elegant moments and authentic pictures’ sources is emphasized by the opening booklet’s back. The developing process is over; the production process begins. The Dutch artist VIVIANNE SASSEN has been chosen for the staging of this moment. Through her particular style of “catching the perfect moment”, she shows the birth of a peculiarity: MYTO.”

Published by: BASF, 67056 Ludwigshafen, Germany
KGID, 80336 Munich, Germany
PLANK, 39040 Ora, Italy

Concept Creation Editing by Meiré und Meiré
Texts Essay and interviews by Petra Schmidt
Photo essays by Viviane Sassen

Download here the pdf of the publication.